Enjoy Fried Foods Without The Guilt!
Less Fat & up to
80% Less Calories.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee | As Seen on TV
Power Air Fryer XL

Conquer The Kitchen With 6 in 1,
Goof Proof, One Touch Easy Cooking!

  • Digital Easy One-Touch Panel
    one-touch settings make cooking a breeze
  • Uses No or Less Oil
    cook healthier with less
    added fat
  • Cooks Up To 400°
    fry and cook almost anything
  • Dishwasher Safe
    easy quick cleanup

Fast Food vs Power AirFryer XL

Power Air Fryer XL is Simple & Easy

Power AirFryer is Simple & Easy To Use
Power AirFryer is Simple & Easy To Use
Power AirFryer is Simple & Easy To Use

Power AirFryer XL units available in:

Fried Foods - Less Fat – Less Calories – No Guilt

Frying your favorite foods has never been easier with the Power Air Fryer XL. It’s virtually goof-proof. Simply add your food to the Easy Load basket, slide it into the unit, and with the touch of a finger select your cooking setting from one of the 7 preset programs. The digital touch panel display eliminates the guesswork and ensures whatever your cooking comes out perfectly delicious time after time.

It does all the thinking for you, and when the timer is done, the automatic shut-off stops the cooking cycle so you never overcook or burn your meal. You’ll love the versatility of this 6 in 1 kitchen wonder. It Air Fries, Bakes, Steams, Sautes, Grills and Roasts. The amazing turbo-cyclonic super heated air powered by 1500 watts reaches up to 400 degrees in a matter of seconds.

Choose from our 5.3 quart or 3.4 quart model. Now you can enjoy fried foods without the guilt with the Power Air Fryer XL.